The Importance of Editing

I love to read. I read a lot. I do not like to read a book with typos galore and other editing slush. So why was I ready to publish my own book without sending it to an editor? It was a moment of madness. I couldn’t do it. Bigger problem, I had already sent it off to the formatting team. Once they are done, I cannot touch it if I plan to use it. It messes with the spacing and such. Yep, I sent my manuscript to the formatter BEFORE the editor. Go team fail!


Two options.

A) Forget editing. Publish it as is.

B) Swallow the cost of formatting. Allow it to be edited and then resend it to be formatted it again.

I decided to send a sample to an editor. Oh my. Her reply was “this needs extensive work.”

Option B it is! I refuse to publish a book that is not on par with what I would accept as a reader. Buying a book is not like reading a blog. You paid for entertainment and deserve a finished product that is polished.

That being said, I wanted to tear my hair out yesterday. I am lucky that I have the support of fellow authors to remind me that it was a mistake, I fixed it, learn and move on.  I named my new grey hair after this experience.


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