Read Anything

I love to read. I didn’t always. In fact I hated reading when I first started out. I flat refused to learn for a bit. I got over it and developed a voracious appetite for the written word. I have lost track of how many books I have read.I have rated  2,358 books on my personal Goodreads (not my author page).  Over the years my tastes have run a wide range of choices. The Girl Talk series is the earliest set I can remember. I was a huge R.L. Stine fan. I didn’t read the Goosebumps books as much, but I read most of the Fear Street series. Horror/Thrillers were my thing until I discovered romance in 7th grade. My grandmother handed me one of hers when I was bored at her house. The rest is history. I have been reading some incarnation of romance ever since. Now, I write it too.

Tell someone you read romance and boy do some people have an opinion they just have to share.  I am sure it is the same for other genre’s too. I used to be guilty of it with the fantasy genre. I apologize. I was wrong. Fantasy kicks butt. Now that I write romance, I will admit to being a little shy to speak up when asked what my book is about. Why? Well, you can only hear the derogatory comments so many times before you are just done with it. But you know what? Forget that! I write smutty paranormal romance. There’s sex but it serves the story. There’s violence and blood, which also serves the story. Don’t care for my brand of poison? Okey dokey! I understand. I don’t care for some genres either.

But read something. Anything!

Recently author Skhye Moncrief  posted a link on her Facebook page about how little people read these days. It kind of broke my heart. As a reader, I can’t imagine missing out on all the worlds and people I have had the chance to experience. As a writer, well I wondered if I would sell any books at all. But that’s besides the point. Read a book, read a blog, read the news, I don’t care. Just read something.

How I feel when someone says they hate to read.

How I feel when someone says they hate to read.

Reading is good for you. It is going to the gym for your brain. Don’t believe me? Read this article. To sum it up, reading can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve cognitive skills
  • Possibly reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Help sleep
  • Increase empathy
  • Ease depression

So why wouldn’t you want to read a book?


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