Did I Do That?

February 1, 2014, Rising Shadows released for the Kindle on Amazon. It was an accident, followed by another accident, and then a facepalm, a groan, and a head into the desk moment. 

Release day was a comedy of errors for me, if I didn’t laugh I would’ve cried. I’m more of a laugher than a crier. Here’s what happened….

  • I published thirteen days early on Amazon. I meant to push ‘save as draft’ but I clicked on ‘publish’. Could be worse, I could have published the wrong copy. Aaannnnnnd, now I’m paranoid I uploaded the wrong copy. BRB. Nope, it’s okay. 
  • Instead of putting my own name as author, it lists my editor. I love my editor, she’s a peach. I don’t want to give her my book though. She’s actually the one who alerted me to the error. Thanks, Sharon! I have fixed this mistake but it is still updating after two days. *groan. How was I supposed to know I had to list myself as a contributor? Contributor sounds like you provided something small, not wrote the whole dang book. Whatevs. 
  • Kobo and Barnes and Nobles copies are for pre-order because I actually got the date right on them. *eyes crossed. If you prefer those platforms, I apologize for the delay. 
  • The print copies are coming along but, if you ask me the price is steep. Who is gonna pay $10 for a book from a debut author when they can get it digitally for $2.99? My mom, that’s who. 


Despite the snafus, there are some really great things too. 

  • I have sold 10 copies. I am really proud of that. Thank you for taking a chance on me. 
  • I have people interested in reviewing the book, for which I’m grateful. I have done the book blog review thing, I still do but with my writing I had to scale back a lot. I know the chaos that comes with trying to keep track of all the books you need to read, when they release, when you need to upload a review, requests and ARCs, it’s a lot of work. Round of applause for the readers who take the extra time to review. 
  • Did I mention I actually sold books? Because I was worried that wouldn’t happen. Not even one. I’m told this is a common fear for writers, I believe it too. The options a reader has to choose from when they shop for a book is massive, that they choose yours is truly an awesome feeling. 

Example of my happy dance.

All in all, it’s been an amazing experience so far and I can’t complain. I learned valuable lessons to help me do a better job with my next book. 


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