What Kind Of Woman Hires A Gigolo?

Would you hire a gigolo?

Lady Smut

Showtime's Gigolos By Elizabeth Shore

Right around a year ago this time, I wrote a post about the Showtime reality show, GigolosAside from the undeniable titillation factor of watching hot guys having sex, there’s something appealing about how the show depicts the lives of men who work as professional gigolos. You get glimpses into their private lives, their interests outside of work, and the kinds of things one spends time thinking about who works as a gigolo, like the constant need to stay über fit (Captain Obvious news flash: it’s good for business). But as I’m watching Season 5, my curiosity drifts toward the clients and what their stories are. I ask myself: Who, exactly, are these women hiring gigolos? And why?

I first began really thinking about this when one of the episodes depicted a woman with issues of heartbreakingly low self esteem. She’d lived her life never really having…

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