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Until May 31, 2014 (5/31/2014)  I’m giving away my short story WInter’s Kiss to everyone for FREE

When I wrote Rising Shadows, I had no intention of writing a short story to fit in between it and book 2. Winter’s Kiss is a continuation of Rising Shadows, it answers a few minor questions readers had at the end of Rising Shadows. I wrote WInter’s Kiss for the readers. 

YES, it needs to be read AFTER Rising Shadows. 

Haven’t read Rising Shadows? Well, you’re in luck because it’s only $.99 on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

How do you get Winter’s Kiss? Well, you have to email me, comment here, or message me on facebook/twitter. The distributors won’t allow me to price the book below $.99 so I have to do it this way. I promise I am not saving anyone’s emails or adding you to a list. I’m not organized enough for that sort of shenanigans. Once I send Winter’s Kiss, I delete the conversation. 



2 thoughts on “Free Read

  1. Hello! I’m curious as to what answers you’ve wrote . . .
    So of course I’m going to ask to receive a copy so I can keep up with the story.
    Please may I have a copy to add to the story?
    Thank YOU!


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