Never stop fangirling


I followed quite a lot of writers, musicians, artists, and bloggers before I ever dreamed of publishing Rising Shadows. I love reading, my to be read pile is outrageous but pales in comparison to the number of books I’ve already finished reading. I keep up with the authors to learn about release dates, and any information they’re willing to give out really. Bloggers point me in the direction of new authors I might never have found otherwise and usually have the scoop before anyone else. Falling in love with fabulous book covers lead me to places such as Deviant Art, a web site with some truly fantastic artwork. Music, well who doesn’t like music? These four mini obsessions came together in a big way when I decided I wanted to publish for sure. Now I was looking at the artists and listening music for inspiration, writers and bloggers were teaching me things I needed to know if I wanted to be successful. Ask yourself, what’s a book blogger at their core? A huge fan of reading, they are some of the biggest cheerleaders you’ll ever have.

There’s a harmony and a never-ending circle between authors, musicians, artists, and bloggers, we’re all inspired by one another to create and spread the word when we find something new we favor.

Work together like cogs in a clock

Work together like cogs in a clock

Want to know what bloggers are looking for in a book request? How about what they really hate to see? Parajunkee is one blogger offering tips, but there are scores of bloggers posting about proper author/blogger etiquette. This is extremely important, in today’s world of readers, no one gives you better publicity than excited readers looking to share. I just finished my first book blog tour, it was amazing! (Huge thanks to Roxanne @ Bewitching Book Tours for all her hard work setting up the tour and giveaway.) Book bloggers continue to help you grow because they give you honest reader insight. (The same can be said about any reader that takes the time to write a review.) I adore book bloggers, I love reading the reviews, even when I get less than stellar ratings.

Pinterest and Deviant Art provide the bulk of my visual inspiration. I search for what I might like on my book cover or a picture that sparks my creativity for a scene. I found a cover model on Deviant Art that will be a wonderful representation of a certain lavender haired Fae when the time comes. The photographer was terrific and asked for a pittance to use the image, so long as I credit her and the model and send them both a physical copy when it publishes. You bet your bonnet I jumped at the offer. I’ll be shouting their names at the top of my lungs at a later date, but for now I’m guarding my image and my vision of it closely.

Music. I can’t write well without it. I have playlists for every book and songs for days that send me into a frenzy of typing. Google music and I are very close.

Writer’s I’ve interacted with on facebook and twitter have been fantastic, offering encouragement and pointers. I still keep up with them and read what they write to learn what they’re doing that makes them popular. Emerging trends can be spotted long before the general public notices if you are looking closely enough.


My mini obsession is now a maxi obsession. The number of people I social media stalk is ever increasing because I see something  new I can learn all the time. The world is literally bursting at the seams with people doing fantastic things, we dwell on the negative too much. Putting the time and thought into my career as a writer and building a circle of people takes effort. As I said in the last post, I often feel like I follow people around begging them to be my friend. In the last few weeks, I’ve been followed by a band and friended by an author I read years ago who writes contemporary military romance (or she did back then). Who knows how my name popped up? I’d wager it was a suggestion from FB or twitter for the ‘people you may know’ sort of deal. You know what? I do not care. LOL! When I saw the requests I was on cloud nine. I’m a total fan girl, if I wasn’t this post wouldn’t exist since it’s all about being a fan of other people and their work. I’m beginning to see that I’m not just watching the circle of the creative community turn, but that I’m part of it now.

How do I feel about that?

1) Terrified.

2) Elated

3) Green around the gills

4) Humbled

5) Awestruck

I don’t know that I’ll ever get to a place where I’m not excited every time a new review posts, a reader or creative peer wants to interact with me, or I see my name and books. Truth be told, I don’t think I want to. I’ll always be a fan girl.




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