Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Bloglovin made me do it! Though you could follow me with bloglovin if you were so inclined. Social media is important for anyone trying to run a business because it allows networking and greater reach for your content. I love to interact with people both online and in the real world so always feel free to drop me a message or chat. social-media-friends-of-friends


Not on Bloglovin? I have other social media accounts you can check out. 

I have a webpage! I post news, the series reading order, playlists, character pictures, giveaways, and more. 

Twitter is the place I share all the great content from other authors and bloggers. 

Be my friend on Facebook. I haven’t hit the cut off for yet for how many friends Facebook allows.

When I do you can still find Like my Facebook Fanpage

Google+ more your style? I have one. 

I’m on GoodreadsBooklikes, and Booktropolous

Pinterest is where I keep boards to inspire me when I write. Sometimes I want to laugh or say AW! and I have boards for those. Who am I kidding? I have boards for everything. 

I’m brand new to Tumblr, too. 

Are you on social media? What other social media accounts do you use?



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