Outlander Watch Along: How it works

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Bridget’s blog

The rules:

  • Be nice! This is meant to be fun. Rude or mean comments will not get approved so do not waste your time.
  • No spoilers beyond the episode currently being discussed. If we are watching episode four but you are commenting on episode one, please do not spoil for anyone trying to catch up.

The Prizes:

  • Third Prize – Book Lover’s Soy Wax Tarts in Sassenach by Frostbeard Studio
  • Second Prize – Sassenach t-shirt in your choice of black, grey, maroon, green, or blue by Socialpop Tees
  • First Prize – Hand Stamped “Sassenach” Stainless Steel Dragonfly Necklace with Amber Bead by TaggYourIt

PicMonkey Collage

What you get in each post


The Virgin View by Bridget Blackwood

I have never read a book by Diana Gabaldon. I do not know who Jamie or Claire or Frank are other than what I have seen in previews. Is my interest piqued? Definitely! What I have to offer after each episode is the unbiased impression. With no prior knowledge of the books, characters, or world, I have zero expectations. My part of the post will be how the episode stacked up against other television shows I could be watching. Was I entertained? Did the entire episode hold my interest? Am I looking forward to next week? I will ask questions and make comments based on the limited knowledge I have. Will I be fully converted into a Sassenach?


The Professional Fangirl by Astrid V. Tallaksen

Outlander and its subsequent books have been my favorites for 15 years now. I’ve read Diana Gabaldon’s masterpiece dozens of times, wearing the book out and having to buy new ones. Jamie and Claire are my favorite love story, and Jamie himself is my fictional crush. Claire’s strength and intelligence and compassion have always been an inspiration to me. When I heard that one of my favorite books was FINALLY coming to life on-screen I was elated. As a fan I was, of course, worried that it wouldn’t be all that I imagined and hoped for, but after seeing it I am even more excited. My part of the watch-along will tell you how I felt the episode compared to the book. I’ll note differences between the show and the source material and whether or not I thought it worked or didn’t. So far I’m absolutely hooked on the show, and I hope you’ll join me as a Sassenach!


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