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The Prizes:

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The Virgin View by Bridget Blackwood


Met Mistress Fitzgibbons, who prefers to be called Mrs. Fitz. She came barreling out into the yard with a smile on her face and greeted all the men like sons. She made a quick assessment of Claire and after checking her healing skills were up to snuff, left her to tend Jamie’s shoulder. Nothing gets past this woman. She’s the one who runs Leoch’s day to day affairs.

Claire removes Jamie’s shirt and we get a look at his back. OUCH! Someone flogged Jamie! I was shocked at the scars because I’ve never seen someone flogged before. I’ve seen my share of scars from all sorts of life events, but flogging isn’t one of them, praise the Lord. Having an idea of flogging I wanted to know the actual definition.

“flogging,  also called whipping or caning ,   a beating administered with a whip or rod, with blows commonly directed to the person’s back. It was imposed as a form of judicial punishment and as a means of maintaining discipline in schools, prisons, military forces, and private homes.” –Encyclopedia Britannica


How does a person end up getting flogged? In Jamie’s case, his crime was obstruction. I didn’t know this, but it is considered obstruction if you stop soldiers from raping your sister. Nice. Black Jack Randall is disgusting and makes Jamie look at his sister Jenny’s bare breasts. If Jenny had been his wife, I still think he would have made Jamie look, but once he knew they were siblings it became a game. Shaming them both by ripping her dress open and then flogging Jamie in an effort to force Jenny to have sex with him willingly. And she did, of course, because she loves her brother.

Newsflash for Randall, blackmail and coercion as tools to make a person say yes to sex still rape.

Jamie was knocked out and woke up in a cart with chickens on the way to some fort as a prisoner.

Great Jamie-ism “Chickens are very poor company.”

Claire has a breakdown at the mention of her husband and Jamie comforts her. That look between them, woo it sizzled! Annnnd of course it was over practically before it began. *grumble grumble* Jamie reminds Claire that she is English in a place were being english is bad. Very sound advice.

***next day***

Mrs. Fitz wakes Claire and helps her dress in the style of that period, or as Mr. Blackwood called it, a crap ton of clothes. Claire is taken to Colum, the Laird of Castle leoch. There is something seriously wrong with his legs but his mind is sharp. He attempts to interrogate Claire but gets nowhere satisfying. He tells her a tinker will be at Leoch in five days and she can leave with him for Inverness. Gonna be a loooong and bumpy trip. Besides, who can say the stones would work? Does it need to be Samhain?

Claire joins the Laird, his wife, and Dougal at the head table for dinner. Dougal and Colum ply Claire with food and Rhenish wine to loosen her tongue. I’d say they got more information than Claire realized she was handing out. Claire makes an error by commenting on a boy named Hamish playing with his father, Dougal. He is actually Colum’s son and heir to Leoch. Either there is more to this than I know or it was taken as a slander against Colum’s wife. Did they think Claire was accusing the child of being Dougal’s bastard with Leoch’s lady? I dunno. I suspect this will develop. Claire makes a hasty retreat and realizes she goofed by being so friendly and chatty.

Claire seeks out Jamie to change the dressing on his shoulder. Honestly, the dressing change was just an excuse if you ask me. She finds him in the stables working with a horse. He was doing well until Claire spooked the horse. Jamie was visibly frustrated, probably at the horse and Claire, but he quickly recovers. He has a great deal of patience and self-control over his emotions. Jamie is level headed. He’d make a great leader. He comments that the horse is a “lass with spirit, always a good thing” and you can’t help but think he is also talking about Claire.


They eat lunch and talk which leads to a conversation about the price on his head for murder during his escape. Jamie wasn’t the one who killed the soldier, but he was charged with the crime. Only Colum and Dougal know about the bounty, and now Claire. Jamie is both trusting her with the information and testing her loyalty. I think Claire was equally miffed and impressed that he trusted her. Kind of reckless on Jamie’s part but he is carrying a torch for her so I can understand wanting to know if she is worth it. Encounter #2 interrupted by blasted people. Argh!

Next we met Geilis Duncan. I like her. The way she talks and moves adds to her mystery. She shares Claire’s interest in botany. Girls in the village seek her out to bring on their flux to rid themselves of unwanted pregnancy. Some people think she is a witch, but I think she has the potential to be a neat character. Fingers crossed she isn’t crappy. Geilis translates for Claire in the great hall that evening. The people of Leoch are bringing their disputes before Colum to settle. A man drags his daughter, Laoghaire, forward and accuses her of loose behavior. No idea what she did that qualifies as loose but I’ve probably done it six times since Tuesday. Jamie steps in to take the punishment for her because it would shame her too much. Okay, glad you are a chivalrous gentleman and all but shut up! Some other guy should have stepped up with Jamie injured. Bunch of louses. Jamie chooses fists over the strap, imagine that. The guy handing out the sentence on behalf of Dougal hits him several times before finally slugging him in the injured shoulder! There was more going on here, subtle looks between Colum and Dougal. Politics! Bah! Curse politics.


Claire fixes Jamie up, again. Mrs. Fitz thanks him for stepping in because the girl is her granddaughter. Aw. Okay, I take it back. Good on you, Jamie. Since Claire is leaving for Inverness, she and Jamie say goodbye. Might have been a more satisfying goodbye but encounter #3 is interrupted by Laoghaire waiting to say thank you to Jamie. These side characters are really harshing on my romance. I’m not sure about this girl. Knowing she’d be treated to a beating in front of everyone she know and still misbehaving leads me to believe she is empty headed and frivolous.

Claire is ready to jump on the Tinker’s cart to Inverness, but you knew something had to stop her. Remember when Mrs. Fitz asked Claire if she was a Beaton? What’s a Beaton? Better question is who are Beatons? Turns out they are a clan of skilled healers. Leoch used to have one, but he died from a cold (ironic, huh?). Colum has Claire brought to him in the mysterious locked room from episode one. It is a surgery. Column won’t let Claire leave because he knows she has secrets. Until he is sure her secrets are harmless, he is going to keep her as a “guest.” She can keep the title unless she attempts to leave, then she will become a prisoner. While she is at Leoch and behaving herself, she will find a place as the new healer.

Poor Claire. She’s cursing up a blue streak, but I am clapping. More Jamie and Claire! Colum and Dougal are underhanded in their dealings with Claire. I get they don’t trust her and women are not high on the totem pole, but they are irritating.

Discussion Questions!

  1. What is up with the whole Hamish thing?
  2. Geilis; friend or foe?
  3. How sad was it seeing Frank look for Claire?

The Professional Fangirl by Astrid V. Tallaksen


Let me just say that as amazing as last week was, this week’s episode was even better. It had more. momentum, and now that we know our main characters we can really find out who they are. Anyway, onto the differences between show and book. If I don’t mention it as a difference then you can assume it’s similar to, if not straight out of, the book, or that I didn’t see it as enough of a difference to care or really notice. Episode One was based off of the first three chapters of the book. Episode Two was based on chapters 4-7. Things were a bit out of order from the books in this episode, but I think that’s mostly because there was a bit of what might have seemed confusing or like an overlap perhaps.

The first character we meet upon reaching Castle Leoch is Mrs. FitzGibbons. The actress who plays her is quite perfect for the role (although I have a bit of a hard time seeing her as something other than the Slaveen alien from an episode of Doctor Who – I’m sure that will wear off as I see her as Mrs. Fitz). Mrs. Fitz rules the Castle with, lets not necessarily call it an iron fist, but she does know what’s going on in every corner and every person in the castle knows she means business when she tells them what to do.

Jamie’s poor back. It’s so much worse than I imagined. In the book the scars from the floggings are described thusly: “…a criss-cross of faded white lines… silvery scar tissue in some spots where the welts had crossed, and irregular patches where several blows had struck the same spot, flaying off skin and gouging the muscle beneath…” The telling of what happened regarding his back is the same aside from a few points, mostly not noteworthy except for one. In the episode, Jenny’s pretty well under control of Randall. In the book though, she stomps on his foot, elbows him in the ribs, and knees him in the balls. Jenny (Jamie’s older sister) doesn’t put up with nothing from nobody, and I really, really, really wish they had left this in because it A: gives a hint to who she is (you’ll meet her again later), and B: gives a hint to who Jamie is, because his big sister is going to have had an impact on his personality. Still, both in book and show, the rape Randall alludes to being about to take place still occurs (as far as we know, since we don’t see it in either book nor show).

Right after the telling of the story of Jamie’s scars, Claire starts crying because of missing Frank and realizing that he is, for all intents and purposes, dead. I feel so bad for her. I can’t imagine trying to deal with all the stress of what’s happened to her, and then wondering what Frank must be thinking, and then having the horrible realization that he’s not even been born yet. Jamie being Jamie, he comforts her. Now, in the show she jumped up and put distance between them presumably because the electricity was too much. Fun fact, in the books it’s because there was a certain physical, ummmmm shall we say sign (you get my drift?), to let her know Jamie’s pretty into her and THAT is why she jumps up, because that tells her things are a little close for comfort.


The next big thing that happens is the intial meeting of Colum Mackenzie – the laird of Castle Leoch and Clan Mackenzie. In the books he’s described as a bit more handsome (as far as I interpreted) than he is in the show, with a “beautifully molded head and long torso”. He’s also supposed to have lovely black hair that he oils and curls for Hall. Of course, as I pointed out in Episode One, Colum’s brother Dougal looks nothing like he’s described either. In the episode Colum told her he’d let her go with a tinker the following Saturday, but there’s no promise or even possibility of this offered in the book. He intends for her to stay until he’s figured out who she really is. I’m really not sure why exactly they changed this. It’s a pretty major departure, and the whole idea in the book is that she’s been told she can’t leave and she’s being constantly watched. A pretty large portion of the story is that she’s going to have to figure out how to sneak away somehow. Granted, they get back to this by the end of the episode, but in a round-about way.

Next we meet Geillis Duncan. At least in the show we do. She’s nowhere to be seen at this point in the book. Mrs. Fitz is the one in the garden (although she doesn’t say anything about witches or anything of the like), and Mrs. Fitz is the one translating at Hall that night. Speaking of Hall, there are a few things different here as well. There’s no laughter or humor in the discussion about whether Jamie will take Laoghaire’s punishment for her. It was a serious matter, and without any subtitles to tell us what Jamie said that was so funny, it all seems a bit of an unnecessary difference (although Jamie is absolutely wonderful when he smiles and laughs). Another big difference is that in the episode we see Dougal essentially tell the guy to keep hitting Jamie past breaking drawing blood. It seems he’s specifically supposed to hit him in the wounded shoulder. Again, I really don’t understand why this was changed. Maybe they’ll tell us later.

Remember how last week I said I thought I knew what the room was where Frank and Claire had their tryst? I WAS RIGHT! I was doing a little dance because I love being right. At the very end of the episode Colum takes Claire downstairs, leading her to this room. He doesn’t tell her where he’s taking her, and I would be willing to bet she’s thinking he’s taking her to a dungeon of some sorts. But in the book he tells her exactly where he’s taking her, specifically with the idea of making her useful while she stays. There are several scenes in the book where she’s doing her thing down there, going through inventory and what have you. I’m sure we’ll see some of that next episode.

So overall what did I think? While I don’t understand all the changes they made, I’m still loving everything about this show. It’s lovely, and the more I see of the characters the more I love them. (Oh and did you see Claire’s lovely hair – those frizzy curls are straight from the book!)

I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I did! What differences did you notice? Comment for a chance to win prizes!


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