The Way Out, Episode Three. Outlander Watch Along

Behind schedule this week! Apologies for the delay and thank you for bearing with us!


Outlander Watch Along. Discuss the episodes. Win prizes.

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The rules:

  • Be nice! This is meant to be fun. Rude or mean comments will not get approved so do not waste your time.
  • No spoilers beyond the episode currently being discussed. If we are watching episode four but you are commenting on episode one, please do not spoil for anyone trying to catch up.

The Prizes:

  • Third Prize – Book Lover’s Soy Wax Tarts in Sassenach by Frostbeard Studio
  • Second Prize – Sassenach t-shirt in your choice of  Unisex (black, grey, maroon, green, or blue) or Women’s fit (blue, green, grey, pink, or pistachio) by Socialpop Tees
  • First Prize – Hand Stamped “Sassenach” Stainless Steel Dragonfly Necklace with Amber Bead by TaggYourIt

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The Virgin View by Bridget Blackwood


My thoughts this week are all over the place. Geilis, who I initially liked is too nosey. She isn’t the kind of nosey nellie looking for gossip, you can tell she is dangerous with information. She’s slippery as a snake and I want someone to take a shovel to her. My, what a difference a week makes!


I cannot spell the young lassie’s name and have taken to calling her long hair because it kind of looks like her name. I know it is pronounced Leery. I feel bad for her and I don’t. Being on the crappy end of unrequited love is the pits. I know it hurts and having experienced it as a teen I hate to see her suffer it. On the other hand, didn’t she just escape a public beating? Why is she right back to kissing men in places she can easily be caught? Is she looking to trap Jamie in matrimony? Looks like it. Not much going on between her ears besides jealousy and scheming.


Jamie. Oy. Does he know Long Hair likes him or not? He acted clueless one minute and was swapping spit with her the next. If Long Hair didn’t have it out for Claire before, she does after his cold shoulder routine and comment about her being just a kid back then therefore not memorable.

I was relieved to see the Mrs. Fitz/witch scene was a daydream. I was going to be disappointed in Claire if she told Mrs. Fitz. I fully believe it would have gone down exactly the way she imagined it. What I loved was Mrs. Fitz getting in the priest’s face and telling him to vamoose. HA! She is a great character and I love her sass.


The Priest! O.M.G. He is a monster. A product of his time, I know, but still. I have heard about nailing ears to the pillory before but I never thought about what it meant. Ow ow ow! This man in black is going to be a problem, I can feel it.

The scene with Jamie and Claire checking his wound was H-O-T!


Between saving the kiddo and helping ease Collum’s pain, Claire is finding a place in the community very well. They like her and the more she helps out the less they will be suspicious of her. The scenes in the beginning with Frank served to remind us that she really does want to go back home. We all love Jamie but Claire wouldn’t be nearly as likeable if she fell through the stones and gave up on her husband overnight.


Claire’s resolve to get home is commendable but dangerous. I’m afraid she is going to do a lot of damage in her reckless attempts to escape back to Inverness. How does she expect to even get there? No one is going to go against Collum or Dougal to help her.

Discussion Questions!

1. How do you think Claire plans to escape?

2. Is Long Hair reckless and dumb or scheming to trap Jamie?

3. Who is more dangerous, Geilis or the priest?

The Professional Fangirl by Astrid V. Tallaksen


Astrid is not able to write on this episode or the next due to prior commitments. I need you to tell me what was different from the book, was it better/worse, etc. -Bridget


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