The Gathering, Episode Four. Outlander Watch Along

Can you say l-a-t-e? Yeah, I am so late on this post. I pulled my back and sprained my wrist but the bigger issue is my laptop is broken and I am forced to do things a bit differently. With less functionality as I am used to, I am attempting to get this week’s episode review up. For the prizes and rules information, please refer HERE:

Astrid was still out but I look forward to her return tomorrow!

Lets get down to business.

Claire has been busy working on her way out of Castle Leoch. She plans to use the chaos of the gathering to cover her tracks. Love her to pieces but this idea is so bad. Geillis, slippery eel, she knows a scheme when she sees one. It took her days to get to Leoch with the guys and they knew where they were going. Is there a clear trail to follow to Inverness? What about Randall and his men? These are massive holes in the plan. Ms. Fitz dresses Claire up for the oath taking, causing her to wait to make her escape. Diana Gabaldon had a cameo as an obnoxious guest. During her flight from the castle, Claire is almost raped by three men. Douglas saved her only to think on committing the same act he just saved her from. How many times has Claire escaped rape now? My count is five.

She actually makes it to the stable, shocking me to no end, only to trip over Jamie. Like, literally. I like that Jamie didn’t berate her too much about trying to run away. Would anyone in her place not do the same? I didn’t get why Jamie needed to stay away from the gathering but apparently it has to do with the oath taking. Jamie can’t not take the oath but he can’t take the oath either. One way or the other, he’ll have Colum or Dougal looking to remove his head from his shoulders. Men and politics, sheesh. Jamie proved one again he is extremely smart and talked his way out of his own beheading.


I found most of this part to be kind of boring. I learned a lot of history and the such but I don’t watch Outlander for that. Je suis pret means I am ready? Well, I am ready for Jamie to kiss Claire.

The hunt was pretty awesome! I’m a Texas native and wild boars are not unfamiliar to me. I wouldn’t ever want to meet in person. Claire was so worried about the poor little piggy. HA! Little piggy isn’t so helpless. Sadly, Geordie learned the lesson about tangling with wild boars the hardest. Claire’s day as a nurse in the war prepared her for watching men succumb to wounds. Dougal and Claaire’s efforts to ease his passing made me cry.


What the heck was up with the game after the hunt? Was is hockey? Extreme golfing? If golf was played like that today I’d watch it. Dougal barrels into the game with a serious bent for Jamie. For a show being touted as a bodice ripper (don’t get me started) there is a lot of male posturing I don’t get. Thankfully, I have Astrid to tell me what I am not getting. The book explains everything better because it has longer than an hour. Another thing I don’t get? Why does Dougal want Claire along to collect the rents? She’s a healer but he has to know she is going to be a pain in his rear end. I don’t buy for a minute that Dougal wanted Claire to help heal the people they collect the rents from. He’s got something up his sleeve.



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