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Rising Shadows is free (at time of posting) on Amazon for a limited time. 


Back Blurb 

Rachel Ryan wakes up with no knowledge of where she is or how she got there. Thrown into a world she thought only existed in myths, she finds more questions than answers. Shape shifters, faeries, and vampires hide in plain sight among humans. There’s a war quietly brewing in the shadows. Rachel stands between mankind and those creatures that live in the darkness. Enhanced with power she doesn’t understand, she’ll tip the scales, but who is the real enemy?

What Readers Think


  “The first book in the World of Shadows series is a thrilling action packed read.  – 

“I really enjoyed this book it grabbed my attention from the beginning…” -Kathi

“I have to say that I don’t think I’ve read an introductory book that is quite as WOWing as this one.” – Kris

“I was only 5 chapters into this gem and decided to go ahead and buy the next two in the series.” – Linda

“I’m not usually a paranormal romance reader but I’m hooked on this series.” – Beverly

“Wonderfully made and carefully created to make the reader invest quickly.” – B.Sharp

“Human experimentation, Shape Shifters, Fantastic Characters and a Well written story line had me finishing this book in one night.” – Cricket

“Highly recommend this series if you are looking for a fresh outlook on paranormal. Definitely not your run of the mill series.” – Sara

” The pacing was just what you’d want – grabs you immediately and doesn’t stop til the end.” – Laurel


What are you waiting for? Go save a few dollars and read the introduction the the World in Shadows series for free!


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