My story and a case for RAINN

I struggled with whether or not I should write this. In the end, I decided I needed to be as brave as I was asking others to be. I support for several reasons but as a survivor of sexual assault myself, I know for a fact how important what they do is. Writing A Scarlet Fury was a cathartic exercise for me as well as a chance to speak oScarlet Furyn a sensitive subject.

I was very young when I was assaulted. I don’t have any memories of it, my attacker, or the resulting chaos after I told my mother. While I may not be able to pull up a memory, I dream about it. It’s disguised in my nightmares a thousand different ways. Almost two decades later, I read the report written up by my child psychologist. Nothing in the file wasn’t classic of a kid going through what I was going through, but I was ashamed. The things I said and did as a result of what was done to me were sad and more than a little embarrassing. I was only a small child and the adult me knew nothing was my fault and still I felt shame!

I’ve logged a lot of time in therapy and I know I’ll go back again. My assault colored every part of my world and to this day it has an impact on my life. My triggers don’t feel like they have an explanation in the moment and ingrained behaviors are hard to shake. I could list all the ways it has changed my daily life, but I’ll leave it by saying they are numerous.

This is why is so important. When you’re sexually assaulted, it becomes a life sentence. Who you are is changed and a struggle begins to lay claim to a new normal. RAINN offers resources to help survivors long-term and has information for their loved ones.

Working to change tomorrow, RAINN is committed to improving government policy and laws related to sexual assault.

I’m a RAINNmaker. Besides my own donations, I am raising money, empowering survivors, and educating the community. If you’d like to donate to my campaign for RAINN you can go to this link 

A donation of just $10 will help one survivor take the first steps to help. RAINN is a nonprofit organization. $.92 cents of every dollar goes to helping survivors, the remaining $.08 cents is for fundraising and management.


Other ways to help are to get involved! RAINN has many different volunteer positions.

To read more information and resources from RAINN visit HERE


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