Any Colour of the Rainbow!



My name is Bridget Blackwood and I’m addicted to colorful hair.


I’m a huge fan of crazy, bold colors for hair. I started playing around with dying my hair these outside the box shades in February of 2013. It wasn’t long before doing just the ends of my hair wasn’t feeding my need for color. I wanted to do my whole head, but I was hesitant. Anya Goy’s book popped up in my facebook newsfeed when she featured another rainbow hair lover I follow, Ursula Goff.


PicMonkey CollageP2icMonkey Collage


Any Colour of the Rainbow is worth every cent I paid for it and more. You can rock all sorts of colors and patterns without ruining your hair; you just have to know how. Anya teaches the reader about color theory, transitioning from one color to the next, what bleaching does to your hair, and even how to achieve the coveted rainbow hair without buying a dozen pots of dye.
Whether you’re doing a few strands or every hair on top of your head, you need to know how to do it right. Any Colour of the Rainbow is priceless.


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The beautiful Anya Goy

Anya Goy is a professional senior hair artist, who trained with some of the top art directors at the VIDAL SASSOON academy and with L’Oreal, London. She has worked extensively in the UK and Australia, crafting her signature multicoloured masterpieces.

Her models have been on the runway at Wella Studios, her work has gone viral online and is often featured on numerous hair blogs and online magazines.

She currently lives in Sydney Australia with her husband David.

Connect with Anya on

Not ready to commit to an everyday style? Anya has some fab hair extensions you can buy instead. “This full head set of dashing hair extensions are a one of a kind, hand dyed, layered, re-sewn and customised by Anya Goy, professional rainbow hair artist.”


Unicorn’s Mane extensions. 



4 thoughts on “Any Colour of the Rainbow!

  1. You look amazing with all the colors, as does Anya. I am incredibly inspired by her talent and your boldness, and would love to start dyeing “outside the box”, too. Is there a “socially imposed” age limit on gorgeous, colorful hair?


    • Thank you, Amberr. I’m glad we could inspire you to try something new. More people ought to give bold hair a whirl. I don’t think there is an age limit. Teens and young adults are more likely to run into school and work not allowing the colors. It’s true that you’ll hear a lot of opinions but in my experience they are more positive than negative. Bottom line, if you’re happy and having fun nothing else matters. Kids love it and tell me so when I’m out. I’ve had several teens compliment me thought they looked embarrassed. LOL! I’d love to see what you decided on.


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