Remember not to forget. Organize your series.

The World in Shadows series is full of people, places, and things (nouns!) I need to remember in order to write the books. I found out quickly that I couldn’t keep it all straight in my head. This is how a typical conversation I have with myself goes:

What do I call my shifters as a group? Oh right, therians. Um, it’s latin for something. I should have written that down. Now I have to google it again. 

Did I say werewolf or Lycan in Rising Shadows? 

Why do I keep alternating the spelling of the hero? Is it B-a-s-t-i-A-n or B-a-s-t-i-E-n?

How old is Varian again? Math, I hate math. 

I can’t remember anything!

As I struggle with the past information I’ve already given out to readers I need to lay the foundation for the books to come. Clues and history have to be added. Yay, more stress on my beleaguered brain! Do my characters take mercy on me? Nope. They throw me flaming curve balls at 120 MPH.

“Hey Bridget! Remember that guy Bishop we introduced you to at the end of A Scarlet Fury? I know he was meant to be a minor character but listen to his whole life story because it’s really cool. Think you have room up there in your brain for more?”

“Oh yeah, sure. Let me dig out this part about how to tie my shoes and walk without tripping. Who needs those? Pile on the new plots.”


Q: How do I keep my ideas organized?

A: Technology is my friend.

I have a series “bible” using Evernote. Google it. This is where I keep character profiles including photos. Detailed histories and lines from the books are kept together so I can easily pull them up anytime. I cannot tell you how many times I saved my own bacon with Evernote. Saves me the time of hunting down what I have a question about in previous books. Big chunks of research on various Fae are waiting for me to use them. I find this sooooo much easier than bookmarking a dozen different sites.

As useful as this is to me it is not my main tool. I need something linear to lay out and follow the series.

There is a timeline with all the secrets of the series. I keep it heavily guarded by a vicious, bloodthirsty bunny. Don’t be fooled buy his cute exterior. He wants you to think he’s precious but really there’s malice in his heart.


Bun Bun the Destroyer

I recommend starting a series bible somewhere to organize your thoughts. Evernote is one of many choices out there. You can even just use a word document but I personally like the internet accessibility if I want to look at something and I’m not on my own laptop.


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