3 Things to Make Me

While looking for blog post ideas I ran across an interesting one. If a person is like a recipe then what ingredients makes them up? What qualities/etc. would change everything about me if I no longer had it? People are complex and you’d find a million things that made them who they are. I’ll settle on three to prevent this from turning into the Illiad.  Time for reflection.

Thinking about myself is boring. My mind begins to wander and next thing I know I’m imagining how squirrels would go about taking over the world. I’m an only child and spent most of my time by myself. This wasn’t a problem for me because I could easily entertain myself. Cabbage patch dolls and Barbies were my favorite toys and I was fine on my own. I created elaborate worlds when I played much like I do now when I write. As I got older I gradually traded the toys for books.

Books. I refused to learn how to read in school. My classmates laughed at me as I struggled with the words the first time I attempted to read out loud. That was just fine and dandy because I wouldn’t be doing it again! My plan failed because the teacher sent home the phonics tapes over Christmas break. Mom and Dad sat me in front of the stereo and guess who learned to read? I’m grateful the three of them didn’t give up on me. I went from being in the lowest level for reading in first grade to receiving state recognition on the yearly tests from second grade on.

Favorites books

  • The Fear Street series by R.L. Stine
  • The Girl Talk series by L.E. Blair
  • Any genre of romance

I started reading romance when I was in eighth grade. I was staying at my Grandmother’s house and there was nothing on tv. All the books she owned were Louis L’Amour or romance. I tried Louis’ books but wasn’t for me. The romance novels didn’t come into play until my Grandmother handed me one. I didn’t think I was allowed to read them given the lusty looking covers. Grandma gave me carte blanche when I decided I’d be a smart ass and ask her about sex. Had I expected her to blush? The woman who raised four daughters? I was looking for momentary entertainment with her reaction and instead she gave me a lifetime of it. “Wanna know about sex, huh? Read this.” Thanks, Grandma.

Color. I don’t have a favorite color. Once upon a time it was hot pink but I appreciate all the color families now. I love how a color can change your mood. In my house I’m practical about it and don’t have zany painted walls. I struggled with it but Mr. Blackwood was firm on no rainbow painting the common areas. *pout* My office is another story, I have teal and purple walls. Obviously my hair is another place I feel free to get colorful. It’s been a freeing experience and I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence. I think the main reason is because it makes me feel happy. That seems to shine through.



Laughter. Some call it humor while others call it wit. My friend, Kristen, said snark and then I found this quote which cracked me up. “Snark is the idiot’s version of wit and we’re being polluted by it.” Will McAvoy, The Newsroom. He sounds like a true joy to be around, I said sarcastically. Call it what you will but I love laughing and hearing others laugh. If I can look back on my life and remember happy laughter then I will feel like I lived it well.


One thought on “3 Things to Make Me

  1. I LOVE this post.

    Sadly, I wasn’t allowed a rainbow of paint in my house either. The girls got the tame colored walls, I have paneling in my bedroom, SIGH.

    Also your grandma sounds top notch HAHA.


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