Embrace the suck. 10 things I can’t do.

The original post was supposed to be things I’m good at. That’s boring. Who wants to listen to me go on about “Well, I’m superb at x and brilliant at y. *insert snobby laugh* Is they anything I can’t do?”

*gag* No. Just no. Instead of waxing poetic about my skills let me tell  ya the stuff I can’t do. Why? Because we’re all human and we need to learn to embrace the suck as well. Here are 10 things I suck at. There are more than 10 but let’s keep it simple.

1. Math.

I cannot add with a calculator. It is that serious. I failed algebra in high school and had to retake it. Geometry was okay because shapes didn’t seem like math to me. Number hurt my brain. Math in college nearly broke me. I deserved a medal for passing.


2. Staying Organized.

I can get items organized but not keep them organized. Mr. Blackwood has OCD, he does not appreciate this deficiency in me.

3. Cook.

It won’t kill you but I’m not winnin’ any awards. Doesn’t help that many of the Blackwoods are are picky eaters.


4. Take a compliment.

I do like compliments, I’m just afraid of coming off as a jerk so my response is usually awkward.

Nice person complimenting: “That shade of blue looks nice on you.”

Me being demented: “The color blue used to be considered a girl color because it is sedate and pink was a strong manly color for boys.”

5. Sleeping like a normal person.

I have no respect for bedtime or morning alarm clocks.


6. Maintain a good skin care routine.

Cleanse, exfoliate, treat, moisturize, repeat. I cleanse and if I remember in the shower I  exfoliate. Occasionally I moisturize.  Partially because I am acne prone no matter what I do to my skin it seems pointless. SPF 10000 is always a must have I’ll get crispy. #Irish #PastyPaleTail

7. Keep a straight face during an injury.

I’m not talking about cutting your hand open in the kitchen or a car wreck. I’m not heartless. Anything that resembles a Three Stooges sketch will make me laugh. Fall down, stub your toe, hit your head, etc. It’s awful and I apologize profusely. I blame Looney Tunes as a child. I was conditioned to laugh at pain.


8. Shut up.

I will talk your ear off. Even if we don’t know each other well. Give me a few minutes and I’ll fix that.

9. Write something without grammar mistakes or typos.

Who has time for spell check and proof reading? People who write better than me. Follow me on facebook and you will be treated to a daily do over post. There’s definitely something wrong in this post.


10. Know where I’m going.

Thank God for navigation in vehicles, all I’m sayin’.

What do you suck at?


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