777 Writer’s Challenge


I didn’t have a fitting picture or gif so you get a rolling raccoon. You’re welcome :0)

“I’m sure we can all work this out once the Underwoods arrive. No need to involve the authorities for childish nonsense.”

“Are you kidding me?” I pressed my eyes closed tight and counted to ten.

One, two, June is a dumbass, three, four, no one is gonna help Nola, five, six, she needs someone to take her to the police, seven, eight, I’m about to do something stupid, nine, ten.

Screw it. I’ll help Nola.

I blew out my breath and smiled sweetly at June. “You’re the boss. I’ll follow your lead.”

Here are 7 lines, starting on page 7, at line 7 of my current Work In Progress; Forever Home. I was tagged my JC Hannigan, who tagged all writers reading her blog. I will do the same. Are you a writer? Are you reading this? Tag, you’re it.

Forever Home? What’s it about?

It’s the first book in a contemporary series about a family of four brothers in East Texas. Forever Home tells the story of Ezra and Starice who come together to help Ezra’s young daughter when his ex-wife loses custody of her.

What the heck is going on in those seven lines? 

Our heroine, Starice, is trying to get help for a little who came into the preschool where she works with bruises. Money and influence in a small town are a huge roadblock as her boss doesn’t want to anger the child’s parents over a “misunderstanding”.  So what’s a good-hearted soul to do? Drive her to the police station yourself! Technically it is kidnapping but a girl has to do what’s right.


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