Protection from Facebook Creepers


If you have a creeper problem or just want to take an extra step to protect your facebook, here’s a handy trick you might not know.

When you receive a friend request take a minute to see if they are who they say they are. It doesn’t matter if you have one or a hundred friends in common, you should still check them out because we all fall for it. images

1) Open their profile. I’m using my own to demonstrate

2) Right click on the profile picture.

3) Select ‘search google for this image’.


I can see the profile picture for Bridget Blackwood pop up from several places. How can you differentiate between places I have been and a person claiming to be me? Easy!


Left click on the picture, not the link but the actual picture of the person you are looking into. It will then come up with something looking like this below. You can see it says I was on Astrid V. Tallaksen’s wordpress and what was I doing there? The very last words on the right hand side before the visit page/view image buttons says Recent Comments. I was there commenting on a post. If you had chosen to pull up one of the deviant art links instead of Astrid’s it says watcher, because I selected to keep an eye on those artist’s work.


What you are trying to avoid is google image results where I have a different name each time. I was friended an hour ago by a man and there were seven other full profiles of him, each with a different name/location/job.

It doesn’t take a lot of time and saves you a headache. I’ve been tagged twice now in some very, very graphic pornography because I didn’t take the sixty seconds to run the image search on a new “friend”.


No one comes with a sign to tell you they are up to no good. They don’t care about upsetting you. The benign ones just want a second to spam your FB with whatever they are selling. Annoying but not really harmful. Then you have the people who are a little to interested in you for who knows why. Avoid them all and become a Creeper Hunter! You have the tools.



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