No, Jason. Just stop it.

Today was my wedding anniversary. Mr. B and I began dating on November 4, 1998. Four years later we were married on November 4, 2002. Seventeen years together and thirteen years of wedded bliss. For me, this is the most romantic day of the year. As I was skipping through one of my favorite days of the year I heard Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo come on the radio. I’ve never paid much attention to it but a few of the lyrics stuck out. Next I was searching the song to read all the lyrics. It bothered me. A song about a man who cheated and is saying he’s really sorry, ok fine. What irked me were these lines…

‘Cause when the roof caved in and the truth came out
I just didn’t know what to do
But when I become a star
We’ll be living so large
I’ll do anything for you

Wait. Wait. You cheated on me but I should know that it’s okay because you’ll be able to buy me all the material crap I want once you make it big?


Is this the popular mentality? No. NO. People, I write romance. I like to believe that romance still exists. This song hurts me deeply. What kind of love do you have when unfaithfulness is made better by dollar bills? tumblr_mxf15oNRrX1rziwwco1_500

“I’m sorry I disregarded your feelings, acted on lust, and broke your trust. I know you’re in a lot of emotional pain and our relationship will be forever changed. If you can shake it off then I promise to buy you something pretty.”


You did not just try to bribe me with junk because you’re junk was in someone it shouldn’t be. You wanna know how much money you have to throw at me to stick around if your apology is in the same sentence as monetary gifts? No one has that much.


*This might seem like a very naive post to some because infidelity is never simple. I mean no disrespect to anyone. This post is simply my feelings on a song and the mindset of the world.


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