Gearing up for Christmas 2015

This is my second year of purchasing the bulk of presents online. I live in a bigger city right outside of an even bigger city. To say the shopping around here gets intense is a huge understatement. The week of Thanksgiving you can feel it in the air. The insanity fog. The mall is packed, every parking spot is filled. The same is true of Wal-mart, Target, any place you can buy a gift or food (because shopping makes you hungry, duh.) I avoid the masses to the point of having only peanut butter and saltines in the pantry before I wade into the fray. People are crazy this time of year.


Everyone needs to listen to Granny Klump 

Yes, I am slightly over exaggerating.

Mr. B hates crowds and he hates shopping for anything not “fun”. If Christmas shopping wasn’t stressful enough once I toss him in the mix with the crowds, it is an uphill climb with an anvil to retain my sanity.


I identify with the Grinch. I probably have a little Max thrown in, if I’m being honest. I love Christmas and feel my heart is a good size, but the joy of shopping? I missed that one. Can’t have ’em all, I guess.


Another crowd I am avoiding is STAR WARS.

I’ll be buying tickets to see it on an off day at an odd time from a small local theater. They have recliners with ample space between them so even a sold out show is roomy.

If I was a Jedi I really hope I could pull this look off. Make your own at Azalea Dolls


Photo credits

The Nutty Professor (1996) Universal Pictures

Dead Rising. Capcom Co., Ltd

How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Cat in the Hat Productions. MGM


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