Polar Vampires? Snow Fae? WereOrca?

Question: What is like like for your therians/vampires/fae who live in the north pole?

Short Answer: It snows a lot.

Not short answer: Therians are the easiest to answer for. I’d imagine the ones who chose to live there are suited to the climate. You’d find Therians who could shift into polar bears, arctic wolves, arctic fox, arctic and snowshoe hare, caribou, moose, several variety of seal, walrus, and sea otter.

Top 4 Polar Therians I would want to see. 

Wolverine, Ribbon Seal, Ermine, and Orca via Cool Antarctica 

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license  Ermine – 4028mdk09

In folklore and legends you have creatures found in the coldest places. Trying to do research on the North Pole specifically pulled up a ton of pages but they were all on Santa Claus. Hey, maybe he’s a Fae?

My vampires wouldn’t be any different than anyone else, from an outward appearance. They blend in well. So long as one of them didn’t go eating the population of humans you might never know you had vampires ;0)




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