The Scarlet List

In preparation for tomorrow’s re-release of A Scarlet Fury with Booktrope, I wanted to share the music. If you want a chance to win giveaways, chat with a bunch of fabulous authors, and have fun, then please drop by the Facebook event. 

Every song for A Scarlet Fury was carefully chosen. They fit the scenes in my head and the characters perfectly. I could write an essay about all of them but I think only a few people would actually enjoy that, LOL! (Feel free to hit me up in an email or message me on social media if you are one of those few. We can chat for ages *grin*)

Here are the top eight songs from the soundtrack I love with all my heart.

1. Somewhere (Featuring Anneke Van Giersbergen) by Within Temptation

The book starts with Madalaina in a tight spot. She’s in need of serious help.

Mads side

Lost in the darkness
Hoping for a sign
Instead there’s only silence
Can’t you hear my screams?

Cleary side

I’ll find you somewhere
I’ll keep on trying
Until my dying day

2. Marathon by Junkie XL

Fierceness, rage, an unwillingness to quit until death. Cleary, Varian, and Bastian are the guys you want on a rescue mission. It isn’t a job, it’s family. You don’t take from them without forfeiting your life.

3. Hell and High Water by Black Stone Cherry

There was one particular lyric that screamed Cleary to me.

I could lose the damn war all by myself if you were on the other side.

He’s a dedicated kind of guy.

4. Hurricane by Ms Mr


A very Madalaiana song. She doesn’t get what Cleary sees to make him want more.

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind
So dark and foul I can’t disguise
Can’t disguise
Nights like this
I become afraid
Of the darkness in my heart

What’s wrong with me
Why not understand and see
I never saw
What you saw in me

5. Stardust by Gemini Syndrome

A very Cleary song. He’s not blind, Mads flaws and the wounds left over from her trials are visible to him but he’s all in.

I know this place
It smells like innocence lost
We left the traces of the sins we bought

But I wouldn’t change a thing
It’s just a waking dream

Look at the wake
From the stardust pouring from your eyes
It’s no mistake
You are perfect
You are perfect in my mind
And you won’t fade away

6. Men of Honor by Two Steps from Hell & Thomas Bergerson

The scene is heartbreaking but needed to have a powerfully respectful feel to it. I wanted there to be a sense of sacrifice, love, gratitude, and sorrow.

7. I Will Stay by We Are The Fallen

For all you #CainaWinter fans

If all of the days have no more light,
And all of our dreams are lost tonight,
The stars can all fall
And everything turns to grey,
I will stay.


The reflection of the perfect moment between Mads and Cleary.

BTSK by Ms Mr
It doesn’t make us strong
It doesn’t make us weak
Tongue tied disservice
Like shy pre-teens
I could only breathe
Live to believe
I’m alone
It didn’t come easy I’m glad it was hard
Worth the wait to give you my heart

Big teeth small kiss
I turn to wax and melt like this
Melt like this

I found you in pieces you’d been torn apart
A million one reasons to end before you start
But deep down I knew
No matter what in the end, it’d be me and you

Lavender Haze
Djarum vanilla
Turkish jade
You and me
We have it made
We have it made

Caress my knees with your tongue
Teeth on my waist I come undone
It’s those hours in the night just before a light
Run your hand down my spine
We kiss the dusk goodnight

Hear them all on this YouTube playlist

  1. Somewhere (Featuring Anneke Van Giersbergen) by Within Temptation
  2. Away from Me by Evanesence
  3. Marathon by Junkie XL
  4. Safe and Sound by Madilyn Bailey
  5. Hell and High Water by Black Stone Cherry
  6. Broken Pieces by Apocalyptica
  7. Edge of the World by Within Temptation
  8. Hurricane by Ms Mr
  9. Hate it When You See Me Cry by Halestorm
  10. Falling Fast by Avril Lavigne
  11. Stardust by Gemini Syndrome
  12. The Other Side by Evanesence
  13. Scarlet by In This Moment
  14. Stay (feat. Merethe Soltvedt) by Two Steps from hell & Thomas Bergerson
  15. BTSK by Ms Mr
  16. Red Sorrow by Audiomachine
  17. I will not bow by Breaking Benjamin
  18. Through the Ghost by Shinedown
  19. I Will Stay by We Are The Fallen
  20. Men of Honor by Two Steps from hell & Thomas Bergerson
  21. Counting Stars by OneRepublic
  22. All of Me (Tiesto’s Birthday Treatment Remix – Radio Edit) by John Legend

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