Share the Love…of Blogs!


It’s time for our annual Share the Love giveaway hop! This hop is a little different and all about sharing our favorite bloggers and authors with you! There’s a giveaway at every blog so visit them all and find out who all we just adore. #ShareTheLove



Literary Misfit



Bitten by Romance



The Jeep Diva



Wickedly Delicious



Book Lovers 4 Ever (formerly Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies, Oh My!)


Visit this page —–> a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a SIGNED PAPERBACK of A Scarlet Fury.


It has been almost a year since mankind became aware of the world in shadows. Where peace prevails, prejudice still lurks among the masses. Madalaina Bonvillian believed nothing could harm her; she’s the daughter of the former alpha and the sister of the current one. She counted on her status to keep her safe. Little did she know how naive she was. After surviving a brutal attack, Madalaina must try to move forward, but where do you go when you feel like you’ve lost yourself?

Cleary Neil has kept his feelings for Madalaina to himself. He’s been nothing more than a friend to her, and now that’s what she needs more than anything. The only problem is he can’t shut off the part of himself that wants to protect his mate from the pain and confusion he sees in her.

Together they will go on an emotional journey to find out if love can heal all wounds. Time is of the essence, because enemies are gathering.


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