Hear ye, hear ye!

Hello, Kitties!

The weather is crazy in my neck of the ‘burbs. One day is warm and the next is frigid. Summer will be here before I know it. *sob* I am a winter person, but I’ll deal. Heading into a very busy season and I have so much to share with you. Strap in, because here we go!giphy

Facebook Events where you can chat with me and other authors plus WIN PRIZES! 

3/19 Chic Fest 

3/19 Feel Like a Woman

4/1 There’s No Fooling Love

4/7 Werewolves, Witches, and Vampires, OH MY!

I will be at two conventions this year. 


August 12th & 13th 2016. Once Upon a Book is being put on by the fabulous author Stacey Rourke at the Bavarian Lodge in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The list of attending authors is loooong. You can pre-order books from some authors at the same website you can purchase tickets.

Purchase tickets


PennedCon STL 2016 is gearing up to celebrate our 3rd year in St. Louis. Join is September 23/24th for a two-day book signing event with over 130+ authors, learn from industry leaders about how to publish, market and grow your brand, join us for our keynote speakers, join in with games hosted by authors, panels, a luau awards ceremony any more! – Rick and Amy Miles

I’ll be sharing a table with my writing partner in crime, Astrid V. Tallaksen. We are ridiculously excited to be together.


PennedCon raises money for a charity scholarship with Action for Autism

Purchase tickets


Show love for World in Shadows by sporting a shirt from their favorite hangout.

April 26th is the re-release of Belong to the Night with Booktrope Publishing. This copy is revised from the original copy that is currently available.  There will be a party on facebook with ebooks, signed paperbacks, and swag up for grabs. Don’t miss out, I’m especially generous with gifts on release days ;0)

While you wait, watch the trailer for Belong to the Night and add it to your Goodreads.

Need something to listen to? How about giving the Belong to the Night YouTube playlist a try. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

Several birthdays, holidays, and visits from family are coming up for the Blackwoods. I’m busy working on Lost in Paradise and thinking about what I want to do with Made of Stone. So many little surprises for the following months that I can’t share yet and it is KILLING me. Secrets are not my forte. Keep an eye out for more because as soon as I see green lights I am telling the world!


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